Will Guthrie & Mark Fell
*Premiere (commissioned by SYN / CUSSION)

Will Guthrie ("The Ames Room") is an Australian drummer living in France. He works in various settings – live as an improviser; in the studio as a composer – using combinations of drums, percussion, objects and electronics. Mark Fell, conceptual artist and cofounder of the pioneering glitch duo "SND", has presented his extravagant sound installations all over the world. Live, with great passion and precision, he plays one instrument: the computer. He is known for his abstract-minimalistic, rhythmic structures that meander between funkiness and deconstruction.
www.will-guthrie.com | www.markfell.com

Martin Brandlmayr & Nicholas Bussmann

Martin Brandlmayr, the heart and brains of the Vienna trio "Radian", has played with Fennesz, David Sylvian and Polwechsel and has been collaborating with Nicholas Bussmann for the last ten years as "Kapital Band 1". Nicholas Bussmann, trained as a cellist with a focus on improvisation, has expanded his artistic practice to include many genres, from electronic music through to performance and conceptual art. "Kapital Band 1" have released two albums on Mosz Records and Hanno Leichtmann has invited them to reinvent the duo for the festival - with different instrumentation: while Brandlmayr continues to play his clockwork-like rhythms on prepared drums, Bussmann switches from laptop & cello to a computer-controlled, prepared piano.
www.martinbrandlmayr.com | www.studiobeige.de

Katharina Ernst & Andrew Pekler
*Premiere (commissioned by SYN / CUSSION)

Katharina Ernst is a drummer and fine artist from Vienna who now lives in Berlin. Her main interests as a drummer are polyrhythm, polymetre and chaotic structures. She understands reduction as a means to achieve complexity, an approach that is very much in evidence in her work with her quartet "Ventil". For the past 15 years, Andrew Pekler, formerly part of "Bergheim 34" and "Sad Rockets", has appeared mainly as a solo artist. His latest work "Triste Tropiques" is an album full of synthetic exotica, pseudo-ethnographic music and unreal field recordings. In the trio "Groupshow" he works with guitar, effects, synths and percussion.
www.katharinaernst.com | www.andrewpekler.blogspot.de

Baby Vulture (DJ set)

Daniele Huerta was born in Mexico, studied art in London and now lives in Berlin, where she co-organizes the monthly event series PERM together with Magda. Strongly influenced by musique concrète, and a passionate collector of rare vinyl pressings, her masterful DJ sets cover all areas of electronic music.


Ying-Hsueh Chen & SØS Gunver Ryberg
*Premiere (commissioned by SYN / CUSSION)

Ying-Hsueh Chen ist ein visionäre und facettenreiche Perkussionistin aus Taiwan. Sie ist bekannt für ihre außergewöhnliche Bühnenpräsenz und überzeugende Interpretation zeitgenössischer Werke. Als Solistin spielte sie mit dem National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, dem Danish National Vocal Ensemble, dem Ensemble Moderne Academy Orchestra, dem Diamant Ensemble, dem Royal Danish Academy Orchestra, dem Percurama Percussion Ensemble und dem Juilliard Percussion Ensemble. SØS Gunver Ryberg ist eine dänische Komponistin und Produzentin elektronischer Musik. Sie ist bekannt für ihre intensiven Live-Konzerte, Kompositionen für Tanzstücke und Performances, sowie für ihre Soundinstallationen. Sie hat die Musik und das Sound-Design für das Videospiel „Inside“ entworfen und war in jüngster Zeit als Musikerin u.a. auf Boiler RoomTV und auf dem Atonal Festival Berlin zu sehen.
www.vimeo.com/feliagram | www.sosgunverryberg.com

Lê Quan Ninh & Thomas Ankersmit
*Premiere (commissioned by SYN / CUSSION)

Lê Quan Ninh is a classically trained French percussionist in the field of contemporary and improvised music. Among others, he is a founding member of the "Quatuor Hêlios"(1986-2012), a percussion ensemble that performed and recorded pieces for drummers by John Cage. He has released over 40 CDs on European and American labels.
Since 2006, Thomas Ankersmit, originally a saxophonist, has mainly played a "Serge" modular synthesizer combined with a computer. His compositions work with feedback, dynamic and sonic leaps, and psychoacoustics. He often performs with Phill Niblock and Valerio Tricoli.
www.lequanninh.net | www.thomasankersmit.net

John McEntire & Sam Prekop
*Premiere (commissioned by SYN / CUSSION)

John McEntire and Sam Prekop are more usually associated with the post-rock genre: Sam Prekop is guitarist and singer of the band "The Sea and Cake"; surprisingly, his latest album "The Republic" was produced entirely on a modular synthesizer.
The drummer and studio wizard John McEntire is known as a member of the post-rock band par excellence, "Tortoise". He is also part of "The Sea and Cake" and has also played in "Gastr del Sol" and "The Red Krayola". From Blur to Yo La Tengo, McEntire has recorded and produced countless bands and can be heard drumming on many recordings.
www.somastudios.com | www.thrilljockey.com/artists/sam-prekop

Natalia Escobar (DJ set)

Natalia Escobar was born in Columbia, studied fine art in London and now lives in Berlin. Her work as an artist consists of experimental installations combined with objects, photography, video and sound. Her DJ career began at Berlin's "Club der Visionäre" and has taken her to underground clubs around the globe and into the world of fashion where has played, among others, at Vivienne Westwood shows. www.soundcloud.com/discobar


Morten J. Olsen & Marta Zapparoli
*Premiere (commissioned by SYN / CUSSION)

Morton J. Olsen from Stavanger, Norway, is a Berlin-based drummer, percussionist and music producer. He plays in the band "NMO" and the acoustic quartet "The Pitch". At SYN / CUSSION he will be playing vibraphone, a rotating bass drum and small electronic instruments. Marta Zapparoli is an Italian experimental sound artist and performer who has been living in Berlin since 2007. Her music consists primarily of strongly narrative "sonic pieces" created with field recordings, spectral signals, acoustic ecology, vibration sound and radio communication, recorded with various techniques, microphones, antennas and devices. www.mortenjolsen.tk | www.martazapparoli.bandcamp.com

Sven-Åke Johansson & Jan Jelinek
*Premiere (commissioned by SYN / CUSSION)

Sven-Åke Johansson is one of the original european free jazz drummers, having played with Peter Brötzmann and friends, and is also known for his dadaesque poems and unusual compositions (e.g. for fire extinguishers, cardboard boxes, and tractors).
His festival sparring partner is Berlin's Jan Jelinek who came to prominence with productions as "Farben" and a collaboration with "Triosk" and the trio “Groupshow”. With Johansson, he will explore the field between acoustic and electronic rhythm and chaos, between live playing and sampling.
www.sven-akejohansson.com | www.faitiche.de

Paul Lovens & Thomas Lehn

Paul Lovens and Thomas Lehn are two doyens of improvised music. Lovens played with Florian Schneider and Eberhard Kranemann in an early incarnation of Kraftwerk before turning to free drumming. He was a member of the legendary Peter Brötzmann Quartet and has been playing with the Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio for decades. His style is a firework display of percussion sounds, full of depth and humour. Since 1990, Thomas Lehn's artistic focus has been on working with analogue sound synthesis. Having played for years on a Minimoog, he switched to the legendary EMS "Synthi A" from the late 1960s, an instrument prominently used by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Lovens | www.thomaslehn.de

Annika Henderson (DJ set)

The musician and poet Annika Henderson made a name for herself under the name ANIKA with two highly praised eponymous albums (recorded with Geoff Barrow of Portishead and his band "Beak") which she toured worldwide. She is also a well-known DJ and hosts the programme "Do Not Go Gentle" on Berlin Community Radio.